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2017-02-28 Tyler ISD Bus Driver, Students Come to Aid of Student

asthma Tyler – When Robert E. Lee High School student, Bailee, loaded the bus to go home for the day, she shared a seat with classmate Austin who was sitting across the aisle from another classmate, Chloe. Bailee soon began to feel pains in her chest and shortness of breath and knew she was suffering from a severe asthma attack. It was then that Austin, Chloe and a third classmate, Aliya, swooped into action.


“Chloe and I both have asthma ourselves, so we knew what she was going through and that we needed to help,” Austin said.


The students retrieved Bailee’s inhaler from her bag, but it didn’t seem to be helping her symptoms. They alerted the bus driver, Ms. Nadine Turner, who immediately contacted Transportation Dispatch and pulled over the bus. Informed of Bailee’s medical action plan, she contacted EMS.


bus driver Austin, Chloe, Aliya and Ms. Turner helped Bailee off the bus and attended to her until paramedics arrived.


“This was probably the most severe attack I have ever had,” Bailee said. “If my friends and Ms. Turner would not have helped like they did, I feel I could have died.”


“We at the Transportation Department go to great lengths to ensure that we provide the safest transportation for the students, faculty and staff of Tyler ISD,” John Bagert, director of transportation, said. “Ms. Turner’s response to the student’s situation is just one example of our readiness to serve.”


As a result of the swift action taken by her classmates and Ms. Turner, Bailee received the treatment she needed and was able to return to her normal schedule the following day.


Tyler ISD administrators showed their appreciation to Ms. Turner recently by delivering a balloon and yummy treat to her bus before she began her afternoon route.