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Attention Parents-Scheduling!!!

Attention Gator Parents:


Scheduling is almost here!  Attention 8th grade parents:  November 30th will be our last Cookies with Counselors before 8th grade scheduling and four year plans must be entered into the computer.  The last Friday in December is during winter break, and the last Friday in January is after the deadline.  We will have a parent meeting to discuss overall high school planning in January.  However, if you have individual questions or concerns about your child’s high school schedule, the November 30th Cookies with Counselors is a great place to get these answered.  We will be meeting in the Three Lakes Library from 10:00 – 12:00. 


Scheduling Deadlines:

1/7/19 – 9th grade scheduling begins for 8th graders

1/18/19 – all 9th grade schedules and four year high school plans must be entered in the computer

1/22/19 – 8th grade scheduling begins for 7th graders

2/6/19 – all 8th grade schedules must be entered into computer

2/7/19 – 7th grade scheduling begins for all 6th graders

2/28/19 – all 7th grade schedules must be entered into the computer