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Moore MST Science Fair 2019

Moore MST Science Fair Winners

Moore MST Magnet School hosted a science fair on Tuesday, January 8, 2019. Over 270 projects were entered, ranging from grades 6 through 8. Additionally, Alexis Espiricuetta, a 5th grade student from Griffin Elementary, participated in the science fair. Projects were judged based on criteria such as, ingenuity, scientific content and practical applications.


Winners in the Physical Category were:

1st Place – Adrien Bueno – Project: “Sound Check”

2nd Place – Brandon Miles – Project: “How Does Coca-Cola Affect Heart Rate?”

3rd Place – Ariel Mendoza – Project: “Surfacing Tennis”

4th Place – Ashly Cortes – Project: “Stain, Stain Go Away”

5th Place – Nate Jennings – Project: “Bright Lights! Big Energy?”

6th Place – Iris Vernooy – Project: “Battling Bleach”

7th Place – Justin Carter Hayes – Project: “Which Kind of Tape is the Strongest?”

8th Place – Aubrey Sheffield – Project: “Got Tape?”

9th Place – Simon Munoz – Project: “Which Name Brand Battery Will Last the Longest?”

10th Place – Alejandro Salgado – Project: “Does Temperature Matter?”


Winners in the Biological Category were:

1st Place – Rushil Zajjan – Project: “Thirsty Plants”

2nd Place – Jude Pacheco – Project: “Carnation Experiment”

3rd Place – Brady Filla – Project: “Running for Days”

4th Place – Zhamira Nunez – Project: “Oil vs. Cleaner”

5th Place – Lorelai Walker – Project: “Wifi Live or Die”

6th Place – Griffin Baker – Project: “Let it Grow, Let it Grow……..”

7th Place – Jawhar Yasin – Project: “Eye Spy”

8th Place – London Hayes – Project: “How the PH of Water Affects Bean Plants”

9th Place – Kate Matthews – Project: “Composting Straws”

10th Place – Carla Andazola – Project: “Radiant Radishes”