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Moore MST is on the move to implement more STEM labs into the classes.

Mrs. Mascola and Michael Fiske presented one of the CAST ( Conference of Advancement of Science & Technology) stem labs to the sixth grade TRC science teachers in a training this week.  Mrs. Mascola expressed this as one of the ways to introduce the students to the Solar System and Space Exploration unit for student to explore more technology with augmented reality and an Ap.  Students will use the NASA logo, space apps, iPads, small picture images and rotate from table to table observing spacecraft launches, satelites, Curiosity on Mars, and various robots.  Student will later use the lesson to formulate questions and gain a better understand of careers dealing with space.  Apps include: NASA 3DV and Spacecraft 3D.  Thanks Theresa Mascola and Michael Fiske’s for sharing this idea from NASA robotic engineers from the CAST conference in Houston.

Sixth Grade Science teachers naturally incorporate STEM activities into the core lessons. Their goal is to continue to provide these engaging experiences and strive to meet new challenges with the fast advancing global science community.