Student ID Badges

ID policies

All students receive the first ID badge free of charge.

ID badges must be worn around the neck daily. Temporary badges are issued out before 1st period each morning.

Offenses for not wearing and ID:

First Time: Warning

Second Time: Lunch Detention

Third Time: ISS for the day

If you lose your ID badge, please see the information listed below under "Replacement Badges".

Replacement Badges

Replacement badges are $5

If you need a replacement ID badge, please complete the following steps:

  1. Make your $5 payment at this link: and print off your receipt.

  2. Complete this form:

After both of these steps are complete, the campus ID badge representative will print a badge for you. Badges purchased before 12pm will be available the same day at 3:00 in A223. All Badges purchased after 12 will be available the following school day. Please bring a copy of your receipt to pick up your badge.