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    In an effort to stay as connected as possible to our students, TISD Counselors have created virtual counseling centers for each campus.  This will allow parents, teachers, and students to request a check in from their counselor, as well as provide resources and information. You can access the counselors by visiting the campus counselor’s webpage and completing a counseling referral.  We recognize that not all students have internet access, and you may call the campus to contact the counselor. The counselors will be reaching out in a variety of ways to connect with their students. TISD Counselors are available and committed to providing the best support for our students.


    The Guidance and Counseling Services Department is an integral part of the total educational program. It provides a systematic, planned approach for helping all students acquire and apply basic life skills and makes optimal use of the special knowledge and skills of school counselors. The guidance and counseling program provides developmentally appropriate assistance for all students, and at the same time provide special assistance to those who need it. Tyler ISD professional school counselors support the efforts of teachers, staff, parents and other members of the community in promoting the educational, career, personal and social development of students.

    Professional school counselors have specialized training and are committed to providing the help and support we may need to master the challenges of life. The Tyler ISD counselors are committed to the success and healthy development of students through the support services they provide. Counselors work together with all Tyler ISD educators to build a dynamic learning community on every campus. Counseling services are available to any student unless specifically prohibited by written request from the parent or guardian. Parent permission is required for participation in group counseling.

    Counselors guide students toward success by serving as a strong connection for the many resources within the school district and the numerous community resources available in the East Texas area. As members of the Tyler ISD educational team counselors are dedicated to helping all students achieve their target of graduation.

    The goal of graduation begins in pre-kindergarten and continues through twelfth grade. Counselors serve as valuable guides throughout this journey and provide direction along the path in the areas of:

    • Academic success
    • College and Career Awareness
    • Individual Planning
    • Guidance Curriculum
    • Responsive Services

    As parents, you also have the right to preview all the written materials used in the school counseling program. For full information, please contact your school principal or counselor.


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