• Welcome to our Club Page!!

    We are currently under construction so check back again soon to see all the details of our fabulous clubs!!

    We are excited to annouce that we have several clubs available this year to Jones students!  
    Students wishing to particpate in clubs may apply for the club by clicking here!  You must log in with your email address to access the form.  

    Clubs will meet on Tuesday afternoon from 3:45-4:45 and pick up will be promptly at 4:45 on the side of the building.  

    Students in clubs are expected to adhear to the following expecations: 


    • Be ON TIME to school each day. No more than two tardies allowed.
    • Grades will be reviewed on a no pass/no play basis. This means if you are failing a class at the end of the six weeks you will not participate in any club for three weeks.  If you are passing everything on your progress report you will be eligible to attend clubs again.  This will begin at the end of the second six weeks. 
    • Maintain an E or S in classroom/specials conduct and study habits.
    • Be a positive role model to younger students by displaying exemplary behavior.
    • Be able to work cooperatively with the other club members and the sponsor.
    • Students must have reliable transportation. Clubs end at 4:45.  All students should be picked up by 4:45.  If a parent is late twice the student will be dismissed from the club. 
    • Club sponsor reserves the right to dismiss any member for behavior that is unbecoming of a club member.

    If you need to download the parent permission form you may do so here:  Parent Permission Form