Tyler ISD Reads

  • tyler isd reads "You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book!" - Dr. Seuss

    Enjoy these episodes as our school board members, principals and staff take the Tyler ISD reading challenge to help us spread the message #TylerISDReads. We'd love for families, staff & the community to post a daily photo of their children or themselves reading. Tag @TylerISD, describe WHERE and WHAT you read that day & use #TylerISDReads in your posts.

    Tyler ISD Reads video episodes will also air on TISD-TV, Suddenlink Channel 19.

    The Going to Bed Book

    English: Ronald Jones, Asst. Superintendent/Chief of Staff
     ALeticia Arroyo, Recruitment Specialist

    How Do Dinosaurs Go to School?

    English: Christy Hanson, Asst. Superintendent, C&I
    Laura Cano, Executive Director, Human Resources

    Oh, the Places You'll Go
    by Dr. Seuss

    English: Sherri Taylor, Executive Director, Human Resources
    Spanish: Anais Favela, Master Teacher, Bell ES

    Mama, Do You Love Me?
    by Barbara M. Joosse

    English: Shelly Bosley, Principal, Rice ES
    Spanish: Florina Gomez, Registered Nurse, Rice ES

    Katie & the Mona Lisa
    by James Mayhew

    English: DelSenna Frazier, Principal, ECHS
    Spanish: Jessica Gurrusquieta, Records Officer, Human Resources

    Green Eggs & Ham
    by Dr. Seuss

    English: Joanne Saul, Principal, Dixie ES
    Spanish: Abigail Godinez, Counselor, Dixie ES

    Miss Nelson is Missing!
    by Harry G. Allard Jr.

    English: Dexter Floyd, Principal, RISE Academy
    Spanish: Cindy Zavala, Attendance Clerk, RISE Academy

    The Donkey and the Wolf
    by Elsie Nelley

    English: Brooke Parker, Director, Boshears Center for Exceptional Programs
    Spanish: Deisy Mendez, Executive Assistant, Financial Services

    by Leo Lionni

    English: Brett Shelby, Principal, Jack ES
    Melissa Tellez, 4th Grade Teacher, Jack ES

    What Can You Do With a Rebozo?
    by Carmen Tafolla

    English: Brittany Garrard, Asst. Principal, Woods
    Spanish: Lilly Calaway, Inst. Specialist, Bilingual Dept.

    Is Your Mama a Llama?
    by Deborah Guarino

    English: Bethany Moody, Principal, Birdwell ES
    Spanish: Sandra Rojas, Master Teacher, Jones ES

    Goodnight Moon
    by Margaret Wise Brown

    English: NaTasha Crain, Principal, Jones ES 
    Spanish: Sandra Rojas, Master Teacher, Jones ES

    If You Give a Pig a Pancake
    by Laura Numeroff

    English: Christopher Blake, Principal, Three Lakes MS
    Spanish: Amanda Hortman, Asst. Principal, Three Lakes MS

    Knuffle Bunny
    by Mo Willems

    English: Geoffrey Sherman, Principal, Hubbard MS
    Spanish: Indira Trejo, Math Teacher, Hubbard MS

    The Cow That Went OINK
    by Bernard Most

    English: Sandra Owens, Asst. Principal, Douglas ES
    Spanish: Christy Roach, Principal, Douglas ES

    The Lorax 
    by Dr. Seuss

    English: Andy Bergfeld, Tyler ISD Board Member, District 7
    Spanish: Veronica Urena, Ex. Assistant, Curriculum & Instruction

    by Kevin Henkes

    English: Demetruss Muse, Asst. Principal, Ramey ES
    Spanish: Cassandra Chapa, Principal, Peete ES

    Sweet Dreams
    by Pat Mora

    English: Dr. Patricia Nation, Tyler ISD Board Member, District 4
    Spanish: Deisy Mendez, Ex. Assistant, Financial Services

    The Kissing Hand 
    by Audrey Penn

    English: Patrina Pinkerton, Asst. Principal, Griffin ES
    Spanish: Steven Ladd, Principal, Griffin ES

    by Kevin Henkes

    English: Aaron Martinez, Tyler ISD Board Member, District 5
    Spanish: Aaron Martinez, Tyler ISD Board Member, District 5

    If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
    by Laura Numeroff

    English: Steven Young, Principal Orr ES
    Mariela Ballester, Teacher, Orr ES

    Coyote: A Trickster Tale 
    by Gerald McDermott

    English: Rev. Fritz Hager Jr., Tyler ISD Board Member, District 6
    Spanish: Laura Cano, Ex. Director Human Resources

    My Five Senses
    by Aliki

    Spanish: Mina Naranjo, Principal, Ramey ES


    The Cat in the Hat Comes Back
    by Dr. Seuss

    English: Wade Washmon, Tyler ISD Board President, District 1 
    Spanish: Leticia Arroyo, Recruitment Specialist

    The Three Little Javelinas
    by Susan Lowell

    English: Bobby Markle, Principal, Caldwell Arts Academy
    Spanish: Veronica Urena, Exec. Admin. Assistant

    The Cat in the Hat
    by Dr. Seuss

    English: Rev. Orenthia Mason, Tyler ISD Board Member, District 2
    Spanish: Ines Benedict, Instructional Specialist