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Merri Ebbighausen


I am thrilled to be teaching fourth grade at Ramey Elementary!  I have lived in Portland, OR for much of my life but took two years off to travel much of the United States while writing biographies. Of all the places I traveled, I was drawn to Texas. I have two children in their 20's. Nolan graduated with a business degree from University of Oregon (Go Ducks!) and works at a financial institution in Portland. Riley Anne lives in San Antonio and is studying Human Resources at Alamo Community College.  

I was a first generation college student. My mother valued education and allowed me to believe it was possible for me to attain my degree. Anything is possible if only we believe it and work to achieve it! Parents are so influential in their childs thoughts, an of course these thoughts turn into action and become your life. 

I spent the past twenty years in community corrections as a probation officer. I helped many people achieve goals they never thought possible. This was extremely rewarding but I missed working with children. 

I am passionate about reading. This will be a focal point of the classroom. People have asked me how they grow a reader and the truth is (to use a Nike slogan) JUST DO IT! Have kids read to themselves, their siblings, their dogs or anyone else who will listen. Let them read what interests them. Let them read as much as possible. It will make such a difference! 

This is going to be a a year of great growth! 


Merri Ebbighausen