• Tyler ISD offers Head Start, Tuition-Free Pre-K & Tuition-Based Pre-K.

    Pre-K Questions and Answers

    How does my child qualify for Head Start services?
    Qualifications are set per federal guidelines. Services include but are not limited to vision, medical, dental, nutrition screenings and other social services. Click here for eligibility and required documentation needed for registration.

    How does my child qualify for Tuition-Free Pre-K?
    Qualifications are set per State of Texas guidelines. Click here for eligibility and required documentation needed for registration.

    How does my child qualify for Tuition-Based Pre-K?
    Students must be four years old on or before September 1, 2020. Click here for required documentation needed for registration.

    Will the same curriculum be taught in Head Start, Tuition-Free Pre-K and Tuition-Based Pre-K?
    Yes, the Pre-K model offers localized, enhanced quality instruction aligned with District goals and State of Texas standards.

    Where will my child likely attend Pre-K?
    Please contact Tyler ISD Constituent Services at 903.262.3073 to identify your zoned campus.

    Are all three programs offered at my zoned school?
    Please contact your zoned campus to see which programs are available.

    Does my child have to attend a Pre-K program?
    While Tyler ISD encourages all eligible students to attend, Pre-K is optional.

    When can I register my child?
    Click here for Registration Dates & Information. 

    What do I need to bring with me to register my child for a Pre-K program?
    In addition to qualifying program documents, all three programs require the following documents:

    • Current Proof of Residence (electric, water, gas bill and/or Lease agreement);
    • Child's Birth Certificate (Hospital Certificates are not accepted);
    • Child's Social Security Card (confirmation letters will not be accepted);
    • Child’s Immunization Record (up-to-date, name must match name on birth certificate);
    • Parent/Guardian Photo ID;
    • Parent/Guardian Proof of Income (Tuition-free Pre-K Educationally Disadvantaged students & Head Start Program only).

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