• safetisd logo #safeTisd (safety awareness initiative of Tyler ISD) is a multi-faceted response plan that affects all Tyler ISD facilities and departments. The program includes a number of initiatives aimed at fortifying buildings, ensuring regular training, communication and increasing staff and public awareness.

    The goals of the #safeTisd program are to improve safety and security within Tyler ISD and promote emergency preparedness among students and staff.

    Tyler ISD follows state law, as well as the recommendations of the Texas School Safety Center in implementing best practices for campus safety.

    Emergency Operations Plan - The district has a written Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) that includes the four primary areas of prevention, mitigation, response and recovery as well as various different crisis scenarios used for staff training and emergency response planning.

    Tyler ISD Police Department and School Resource Officers – Tyler ISD Police Department stations four armed, uniformed officers at each high school campus.  These highly trained officers build positive relationships with students and help ensure campus safety for students and staff. Additionally Tyler ISD police officers are stationed at middle schools and share responsibilities with area elementary campuses. Close relationships with Tyler Police Department and various other agencies are maintained to ensure emergency response plans remain current and effective.

    Safety Audits - In addition to the required campus and facility safety audits conducted every three years, the district periodically has independent safety and security audits using outside subject matter experts. The last state-required security audit was conducted in 2017. In addition, as a result of Bond 2017, all high schools will now have single points of entry ensuring increased safety measures for students and staff. Elementary and middle schools have single points of entry secured through previous bond packages.

    Safety Drills - The district conducts different types of drills throughout the year. They include:

    • Lockout drills
    • Lockdown drills
    • Shelter drills
    • Evacuation drills
    • Hold in class drills

    #safeTisd Communications - We communicate Tyler ISD official news via Twitter (@tylerisd), Facebook (facebook.com/tylerisd) and through our Blackboard telephone and text messaging system. Information is also posted to our website. Communications regarding safety are identified by the hasthtag #safeTisd.