• Professional Clothing Drive


    Professional Dress Closet


    The Professional Dress Closet, operated by the Tyler ISD Career and Technology Center, provides students access to FREE professional attire appropriate for career fairs, interviews and the workplace. Inventory includes suits, blazers, skirts, dress pants and ties. Our goal is to help students look their best through their job search so they can make a positive impression as they enter the professional world. The attire is generously donated by Tyler ISD employees, alumni and employers to help students succeed.

    Hours of Operation

    By appointment only. Email Jessica Brown at Jessica.Brown@TylerISD.org to set up an appointment.

    How it Works

    The Professional Dress Closet is located at the Career and Technology Center. Students wishing to visit the Professional Dress Closet should bring their student ID card. Students may take (and keep) up to one full professional outfit per academic year. The Professional Dress Closet cannot guarantee availability of all sizes and types of items. 

    Dressing for Success

    The Suit

    • Choose a classic, neutral suit in gray, black or navy. Avoid suits that conform to trends. Skirt suits are appropriate feminine attire as long as the skirt hits or covers the knee and there are no large slits at the side, front or back.  
    • The pant leg should touch the front of the shoe and fall just above the heel in the back.
    • Make sure the suit flatters your body type and fits well, not too tight or loose.

    The Dress Shirt

    • Choose shirts in a pale, subtle color (i.e. blue, white, gray).
    • Avoid shirts with insignias.
    • Long sleeved, button-up shirts are most appropriate. Your shirt sleeve should extend beyond the suit jacket sleeves by half an inch.


    • Shoes that match your suit or are slightly darker are the best choice in colors, such as brown, black, tan or navy. The shoe should have a real sole (no sneakers, sandals or street shoes) and a closed toe. Avoid platforms and heels higher than 2 inches.
    • Shoes should be polished and in good condition.
    • Belts should be in good condition and match the color of your shoes.


    Appropriate items include:

    • Business suits (gray, black or navy)
    • Button-up dress shirts (pale, subtle colors)
    • Professional slacks and/or skirts (gray, black or navy)
    • Professional Ties (solid or striped patterns)

    All donation items must be cleaned and pressed appropriately and on hangers. Items with damage and items without sizes clearly labeled will not be accepted. Donations can be brought to The Career and Technology Center located at 3013 Earl Campbell Parkway. To make a donation or for questions, please contact Jessica Brown, CTE Internship Coordinator, at Jessica.Brown@TylerISD.org or 903.262.1024.