Mr. Felipe Muncada

Phone: 9032622850 ext. 5467


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Mathematics

Mr. Felipe Muncada


I am a cultural exchange Mathematics teacher from the Philippines. I value learning and education as a powerful tool to develop oneself to become a successful individual. I finished Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Mathematics as Magna Cum Laude and my high school as class valedictorian. It is my 4th year year as a teacher and first here in US and John Tyler HS. I will be forever grateful with the opportunity to be working under American Education System which Filipinos highly look up to.

I am very excited to teach and learn with my students as we create a classroom with regard on respect and success amidst diverse cultural and individual differences.


Schedule (2018-2019)

1 - Conference

2 - Algebra 2

3 - PLC

4 - Algebra 2

5 - Algebra 2

6 - Algebra 2

7 - Algebra 2

8 - Algebra 2



7:30 - 8:00 ( Everyday)

4:05-4:30 (Tuesday and Thursday)