Juan Manuel Lara



Degrees and Certifications:

Juan Manuel Lara

Hello Everyone!

I made it through my first year of teaching and more than ready to start my second year:). I will be teaching Spanish 1 on level classes and cant wait to meet my new students and keep on passing as much knowledge of this beautiful language as I can.

My room number is H106 and is located next to the horseshoe.


Students access to google classroom go to district portal 


Log in with active directory 

Log in using:  Username: School ID

                       password: District password


Online google classroom codes listed below:

1st period - z5pmjry

2nd period -  64fpjmq

3rd period - zr2v6sp

5th period - xyo4sg4

6th period - p7m276f

7th period - upxmckq

8th period- 5by5m5w


Zoom/Office hours:

Monday- Friday  10am-11am


Meeting ID: 724-967-3560


You can also contact me via email Monday- Friday 8am-4pm