Colby Venters

Phone: 903-262-2625


Degrees and Certifications:

Diploma, Non Commissioned Officer's Academy, U.S. Army (10th Mountain Division) B.A. from Southern Methodist University Graduate Certificate from Texas A&M University M.A. from the University of Toronto M.Ed from the University of Texas at Tyler (pending)

Colby Venters

General Information/Schedule:

My class number is A128.

1st Period (8:15-9:02)- PreAP World Geography

2nd Period (9:07-9:57)- Conference

3rd Period (10:02-10:49)- PLC

4th Period (10:54-12:02)- Naval Science 1 (ROTC 1)

C Lunch (12:02-12:32)

5th Period (12:37-1:24)- PreAP World Geography

6th Period (1:29-2:16)- PreAP World Geography

7th Period (2:21-3:08)- PreAP World Geography

8th Period (3:13-4:00)- PreAp World Geography


World Geography Google Class Code: rme7wsl

Cadet Google Class Code: 2a3fh7u

Zoom Conference Times:

Monday and Friday- 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday: 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM


Teaching Philosophy:

My main goal is to motivate my students to excel in both the classroom and in their personal lives. All students posses vast potential; it is my job to help them on their path of discovering that potential, as well as to help them push beyond what they believe is their potential, as so many students do not realize how amazing and capable they truly are. There is no greater joy than to watch a student have an "ah-ha" moment as they grasp a concept or idea that they have been struggling with. 

Parents, students, and teachers form a collaborative team, but I prefer to view it as a family. Each parent, caregiver, or guardian has placed a special trust in me-trust that I will care for their own as if they were my own; trust that I will respect their child as I would like to be respected; and trust that I will never give up on their child, no matter how hard it may be at times. I gladly and wholeheartedly accept this trust and responsibility. 

There may be times that a student and I disagree or do not see eye to eye, but I will never knowingly or willingly disrespect them. However, I am an educator and, as such, I must enforce the rules in accordance with state, Tyler ISD, and REL guidelines, but I will never seek to simply punish a student-I will help them to realize both why the rules are in place as well as why they must be adhered to.

 The students and I will laugh together, we may cry together, but, above all, we will learn from one another. From the students, I will learn what makes each of them unique and will apprectiate that uniqueness. From me, the students will learn content, as well as essential life skills and moral bearing. I truly believe that all of my students are, in addition to being able to firmly grasp the content, special and will have a significant impact, in their own way, on the world once they leave my classroom; if I have been successful they will feel the same.