• How can I find my zoned Comprehensive School?
    Click here
    to enter your home address & see which campus you are zoned to.

    What if I do not want to attend a school in my zone?
    Students wishing to attend a Comprehensive School must attend the school for which they are zoned. 

    What schools require an application or transfer?
    Innovation Schools require a Transfer Request.
    Choice Schools require an application. 

    What is the deadline for applying to Choice Schools?
    The deadline to apply for Choice Schools is March 1. Notifications will be received by April 1.

    Do I have to reapply every year to attend a Choice School?
    Once accepted into a Choice School, you will not have to reapply every year. However, there will be an end-of-year evaluation process for each student to ensure the student is meeting the goals and expectations of the Choice School.

    Will transportation be offered if my child attends an Innovation or Choice School?
    The Tyler ISD Transportation department is currently evaluating options for providing transportation to Innovation Schools and Choice Schools. However at this time, transportation is only provided for Comprehensive Schools.

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