• Every student is uniquely made, each with their own beautiful personality and rich potential. It is these very traits that guide students down many paths throughout their lifetime. Tyler ISD embraces this individuality by providing students and parents educational choices that best align with the interests and goals of each student, helping them find their pathway to successful student outcomes.  

    The Tyler ISD Pathfinder program gives parents and students the power to choose schools and programs that best reflect their child’s method of learning. Whether college or career bound, having the power to choose their own learning pathway helps create individualized opportunities for every student.

    Pathfinder offers a unique school structure that enhances personalized learning experiences within three individualized models of learning: Comprehensive Schools, Innovation Schools and Choice Schools.  

    Students choosing the Comprehensive School pathway enjoy traditional learning environments rich in academic and extra-curricular programs. Students interested in the Innovation School pathway are ready to hone in on specialized skills such as leadership and career programs. Choice Schools provide true Magnet Program learning, such as fine arts or STEM.

    With Tyler ISD Pathfinder, students and parents have the power to create their own pathway to successful student outcomes!

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