• Dear High School Partners:

    We hope you, your staff, faculty and students are doing well as we navigate through the remainder of the school year. Please know that TJC is here to help you and your students. 

    Over the past week, many of you have made grading shifts for high school classes in an effort to help your students complete the school year. As you do this, please know that at TJC we want to help students successfully complete their dual credit courses as well. Some professors are seeing a significant decline in student online engagement, and we would appreciate your help contacting them and let them know that their TJC classes are continuing.

    Please share the following message with your students:

    1. TJC courses are continuing and faculty are providing the coursework online through the end of the semester.
    2. TJC courses will follow the grading outlined in the syllabus provided by each individual instructor. We may be online, but learning is ongoing and so is grading.
    3. Faculty have been asked to provide flexibility for students to complete coursework, since circumstances are so different from student to student.
    4. Online tutoring is available for all students at no cost, so if a student is struggling, please direct them to www.tjc.edu/tutoring for assistance.
    5. In certain circumstances, incompletes may be given to a student who needs a bit more time to complete the course. For example, we have heard of students who have needed to move due to difficulties caused by a parent’s loss of job. We can provide a way for the student to finish the course.

    Please distinguish the difference between the high school grade and a dual credit course grade. Depending on the method you have chosen, students may assume that their dual credit course will follow the same guidelines. In order for these courses to be eligible to post on a college transcript, we must continue to meet all learning outcomes, and grades will still be given on a 4.0 scale. 

    If you have additional questions, please reach out to Jeanie Oxler and/or her team for assistance. Thank you for choosing TJC. We miss our interactions with you and your students. We are looking forward to seeing you all soon.

    Deana Sheppard, Ed.D.
    Provost and Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs
    PO Box 9020, Tyler, TX 75711
    1400 East Fifth St., Tyler, TX 75798

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