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    ECHS Final Exam Exemption Policy

    Students may be exempted for a maximum of three exams per semester.  9th grade students are eligible for exemptions for the spring semester only. Students are required to complete a "Tyler ISD Early College High School Final Exam Exemption Policy" form FOR EACH CLASS that they are applying for an exemption in. These forms are located in the front office. The white copy will go in the student's file in the office, the yellow copy will go to the teacher, and the pink copy will be given to the student for their own records.

    1. Students who have earned an exemption(s) are expected to be in attendance for the final and must be at school. Students cannot miss school and still legally be counted present. If you do not show up to the class on the day of the final exam, you will receive a zero on the exam.
    2. Exemptions will be granted per class. Exemptions will be based on attendance and grade average. Students may be exempted from taking their final exam(s) in courses if ALL of the following criteria are met:
      1. 85 average for the semester average (three six weeks average)
      2. No more than two (2) absences per semester
      3. No more than three (3) tardies for the per semester
    3. Exemption will NOT granted to a student if he/she:
      1. Has received an out-of-school suspension
      2. Has been placed on Academic Probation
    4. Dual credit and AP courses are excluded from exemptions.
    5. After the semester average has been finalized, the semester average will be used as the final exam grade.