Mr. Darriel Montgomery



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Darriel Montgomery

Assistant Band Director / Percussion Director
Associate of Arts - Music - Trinity Valley Community College
Bachelor of Music - University of Texas at Arlington

Room Number/Office:  Band Hall / G103
Phone: (903) 262-2679

NOTE: Because I teach at three campuses per day, I am rarely in my office for more than a few moments every day.  The most reliable method of contacting me will be via email (see above).  Should you need to meet with me in person, I am usually in my office either toward the end of each school day, or at infrequent times during the first 4 periods of the day.

1st Period - Middle School

2nd Period - Wind Symphony

3rd Period - Symphonic Band

4th Period - Percussion Class

5th Period - Concert Band / Middle School

6th Period - LUNCH / Conference

7th Period - Middle School

8th Period - Middle School


More information about the band and percussion program(s) can be found at