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    Please Check Here for Application


    Thank you for applying to Caldwell Elementary Arts Academy.  We provide the opportunity to enhance the whole child through the arts.  For families invested in the arts, we foster a learning environment where all art forms can mature in a unique curriculum format and performance development program. 

    Please take a moment to read the entire application.  Along with general information about your student, there is a required Teacher Survey.  As a magnet campus, we expect our students to have genuine investment in the arts and a love of learning. This survey is designed to highlight those characteristics from a teacher/educators point of view. If your student is not enriolled in a traditional edcuation setting, then a qualified adult that has insight into your childs aptitude can complete. Survey must be recieved to complete application. 

    In addition, the application process comprises a performance audition for the five major art forms. A arts panel score each art form on an independent rubric. Your student score is then added together to make up a total score that is worth fifty percent of the total application score.

    All incoming kindergarten applicants will complete a student achievement screener during the audition process.  Please call the Caldwell office for more information. 

    Please note only completed applications will be considered for placement.  Incomplete applications will not be accepted nor recorded as being returned.

    A panel of Caldwell Staff, Administration, District Personal and Community Arts Partners will evaluate each section independently. All applications will receive a total score. Final acceptance is based on application ranking and available space in each grade level.  Please know we receive far more applications than space available for students.   

    Please feel free to call our office at (903) 262-2250 or email at caldwellmagnet@tylerisd.org should you have any questions about Caldwell Elementary Arts