Mr. Brad Harden

Phone: 903-262-2625 ext.4780


Degrees and Certifications:

Agricultural Science and Technology

Mr. Brad Harden

Brad Harden

Agricultural Science and Technology Teacher

 The Google Classroom codes are as follows:

Please make sure to join your normal school day period.

1st period / Ag Mechanics   7shorrg

3rd period / Ag Mechanics   agh4ein

4th period / Ag Mechanivs   3utbzre

5th pwriod / Ag Machanics   w4cx4jp

6th period / Ag Mechanics   ne3pbpi

7th period / Small Animal   6nikriv

8th period / Small Animal   ghpcmyf


I can be reached by phone between 7:45 to 8:15, during my 2nd period conference, and 4:15 to 4:30. I am easily reached by email.


1st period   Ag Mechanics

2nd period   Conference

3rd period   Ag Mechanics

4th period   Ag Mechanics

5th period   Ag Mechanics

6th period   Ag Mechanics

7th period   Equine Science/Small Animal Management

8th period   Equine Science/Small Animal Management



Tutorials   (Daily) 7:45-8:15 and 4:15-4:30


I believe every student is different. They think different, learn different, and dream different. However, there is one thing all students have in common...the need to be loved. 

I believe that when a student believes that we are sincere in our dedication to them, they will usually rise to the challenge and take responsibility for their own education, even if only to please us. We are there to help them see the value in themselves and reach their fullest potential.