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  • Welcome to Tyler ISD’s Online Backpack - our electronic communication tool where school related, non-school related and non-profit organizations may post their information that may be of interest to, or benefit of, students & parents. The information here has been submitted to and approved by the Tyler ISD Communications Department. Check back often for the latest opportunities and information from our community. Listings in this area do not constitute an endorsement of any agency, group, organization or business by Tyler ISD.

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    Listing an Item in the Online Backpack

    As a service to Tyler ISD students and families the district provides the Online Backpack for school related, non-school related and non-profit organizations. We have found that electronic communication has become standard and is preferred by many parents. Our schools are already sharing more information via email as a convenience to parents & now we will continue to cut back on paper usage. Information posted & accepted must be youth-oriented and will be reviewed and approved by the Communications Department. Updates will be posted often, so please check back regularly for the latest opportunities & information from our community.
    Non-profit groups will be allowed to post information at no cost. All flyers expire at the end of each semester.

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