•  GT students are each unique in their own ways.  Degrees of giftedness, personality, and interests will all have an impact on how a child displays his or her own gifted traits.  This is a broad list of possible characteristics to look for in your gifted child.  Please click on the link below:

    GT Characteristics


    Does your child do any of the following?

    • Fidget a lot, or seem to have more energy than other children his or her age?
    • Have strong, unusual reactions to sounds or smells?
    • Create such a rich fantasy life that it is difficult for him or her to distinguish reality from fantasy?
    • Love nothing more than to think, solve problems, and ask questions?
    • Have intense emotional reactions, such that it seems like he or she is "overreacting"?

    If so, your child may have one or more overexcitabilities. Overexcitabilities are extreme intensities or sensitivities that affect the ways in which an individual experiences the world.  Please click the "Overexcitablities" link below for more information about how your gifted child may be experiencing the world more intensely: