• Student Dress Code


    Students are encouraged to dress in a neat and attractive manner that reflects pride in themselves. Students who dress neatly tend to do better academically. Student appearance is important and is part of the high expectations we have for our students. As a rule of thumb, any form of dress or hairstyle which draws undue attention to the student, or interferes with the purpose or conduct of the school, will not be permitted. Any item that symbolizes gang-related behavior, refers to derogatory statements, advertises controlled or illegal substances, and/or disrupts the instructional program may not be worn at school.


    Examples of clothing not permitted include:

    1. Hats, caps, or other headgear, except outside in cold weather.
    2. Tank tops or low cut clothing (neck or underarm).
    3. Clothing that exposes bare midriffs, i.e. crop tops.
    4. Exposed body-piercing jewelry.
    5. Bare feet with no shoes.
    6. Excessive or distractive makeup.
    7. Obscene language or symbols, provocative pictures, advertising of tobacco, alcohol, or narcotics on clothing, jewelry, or exposed body parts.
    8. Symbols on clothing or jewelry that would distract or cause undueattention.
    9. Racially related symbols, emblems, pictures, words, or slogans.
    10. Exposed tattoos.
    11. Words, numbers, or slogans cut into hair
    12. Exposed undergarments.
    13. Dark glasses (unless prescribed by a physician).
    14. Excessively tight clothing, i.e., spandex tights, shorts, or pants and excessively tight dresses and skirts.
    15. Excessively torn clothing, i.e., jeans.
    16. Clothing worn in a manner for which it was not intended, i.e., backwards, inside out.
    17. Any accessory, clothing article, haircut or style deemed gang related as determined by the school administration.
    18. Dresses, skirts, all split garments, and shorts that are not long enough to maintain dignity and modesty.
    19. Un-hemmed shorts and jeans.
    20. Cutoffs; wind shorts; short shorts; boxer shorts; P.E., athletic or joggingshorts; bicycling shorts or pants.
    21. Absence of appropriate undergarments.
    22. Flip-flops, shower-type shoes, or platform soles over 1” high are inappropriate for school. Footwear must be safe and appropriate for indoor and outdoor physical activity.