A Note from our Principal, Mr. Lane
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         Welcome to the Moore MST Magnet School web site. We are thrilled to be in a $30 million dollar 161,000 square foot brand new 21st century facility. We are excited to share with you great news concerning our school. It is our hope that through this web site, you will have a brief orientation of some of the dynamic programs offered at Moore. If I can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to call our office at (903) 262-1640. Our Campus Performance Reports and School Report Cards from the Texas Education Agency show Moore students are scoring above the State and District average in all categories and sub-groups. It is our goal to continue to add value to every student, every day. These reports tell a portion of our campus story but are not all inclusive of the well-rounded education that students receive at Moore. Thank you for being our partner in improving student performance. Please visit the TEA website for see the full scale report on our campus.
            With the support of our Community, the Superintendent, and our School Board, we are in our 17th year of implementation of our Math / Science / and Technology Magnet Program.  Our Magnet Program continues to support  Technology courses: keyboarding for sixth grade students on campus, computer literacy for 7th graders and a multimedia technology course for 8th graders. In addition, we have students updating our web page in an 8th grade course titled,  Exploring Web Applications.  In our Math curriculum we offer 6th and 7th grade Pre-Algebra, and 7th grade Algebra for high school credit.  We are one of the only school in East Texas that is offering Geometry for high school credit to 8th grade students!  In Science, we offer enrichment courses including Environmental Science, Astronomy, Forensic Science and Integrated Physics and Chemistry for high school credit.
    In our new campus, every core classroom has been outfitted with SMART Board technology to allow for "hands on" interaction with technology systems in the classroom. We also have several ipad karts and Chromebook karts that teachers can check out for whole class projects and research. Every classroom at Moore has been equipped with a Dell laptop for the teachers to integrate computer images to the multi-media projectors. Our campus enjoys wireless technology campus wide.  With wireless technology and the instructional laptops, teachers are able to move freely around the classroom while displaying images from the Internet, software, and other multi-media presentations. Our campus continues to support over 300 classroom computers.  In addition, we have five multi-media computer labs available for check out. It is our goal to continue to be the flagship campus for our District in the area of technology.
            Our teachers are currently receiving a minimum of 45 minutes per week in technology training. All teachers are trained on the TISD network system and all have e-mail addresses where they can be reached. These email addresses are listed on our Staff profiles page.  Campus grade books can also be accessed by parents at our Parent Viewer From this site parents can access classroom grades for their child.  A pin number is required and printed on every Progress Report and Report Card beside the student's I.D. number. We are proud of the great strides we continue to make in technology if we can ever assist you in this area please contact our office.
            Our Math / Science / and Technology program continues to provide many new dynamic programs at our campus. It is our goal to continue to offer the best middle level education  available for the students of Tyler. We are pleased with the support we are receiving from our parents and the community. Thank you for visiting our web site. If you are in Tyler please come by for a campus tour.