• Our New Mission Statement

    TARGET empowers gifted learners to understand and use their giftedness, both now and in the future.



    Focus 1: We will provide students with Innovative Learning Experiences.

    • Integrate higher order thinking skills across subjects through creative and critical thinking
    • Develop students’ creative problem solving and critical thinking skills
    • Incorporate advanced technology

    Focus 2: We will lay the academic foundation for College and Career Readiness.

    • Provide opportunities for inquiry, research and communication
    • Work in partnership with parents and campuses to support learning goals
    • Providing real world opportunities through field and project based learning

    Focus 3: At TARGET our students will have opportunities to develop Leadership Skills.

    • Allow students to take leadership through self-directed learning opportunities
    • Create a variety of classroom and school leadership positions
    • Give students opportunities for presenting and public speaking

    Focus 4: At TARGET we will provide opportunities to meet our students’ Unique Needs.

    • Provide students opportunities to collaborate with their gifted peers
    • Guide students in understanding their own giftedness and how they learn best
    • Assist students in developing innovative products and performances that reflect individuality and creativity through self-expression