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    From Facts About the Advanced Placement Program:

    Because AP brings high educational standards into high school classrooms, colleges benefit by admitting increasing numbers of better prepared students. As numerous studies show, AP students outperform their peers who have not taken AP on virtually every standard. 

    Students whose AP grades exempt them from introductory college classes typically do better in subsequent higher-level courses than those students who actually take the introductory college courses. 

    AP students who receive credit and/or advanced placement are more likely than other students to take additional college courses within the academic discipline of their AP course work.

    “AP Course Descriptions and the annual AP Examinations are developed for each subject in committees made up of college faculty who teach introductory courses and experienced high school AP teachers.  Periodic surveys of college courses and AP courses provide the committee with information about contemporary subject content and approaches to teaching; the course descriptions are updated every two years.” from  A Secondary School Guide to the Advanced Placement Program (p.13).

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