• No Bully Zone


    Dress Code Information can be found here.

    Student code of conduct; in Spanish.

     Three Lakes Traffic Plan can be found here.

    Three Lakes Middle School Tardy Policy 

    Students are dismissed after the bell rings with teacher permission. Students have four minutes between bells to be in class. Students who are tardy will be dealt with in accordance with the following tardy policy. Students are tardy if they are not seated at their desks ready to work when the bell rings.

     1st Warning

    2nd Warning-Teacher/Student Conference

    3rd Teacher Detention-@ Teacher discretion

    4th Lunch Detention

    5th After school detention (Tuesday or Thursday) until 5:00 PM

    6th Referral: Student is referred to AP

    7th Student is referred to AP: assigned 1 day ISS

    8th Student is referred to AP: assigned 1 day to ISS

    9th Student is referred to AP: assigned to Saturday School

    10th Student is referred to AP: assigned additional consequences