• Safety Guidelines
    A large population of the students at James S. Hogg Middle School receive transportation to and from school by motor vehicle.  We are concerned about the traffic congestion and danger during student arrival and dismissal.   
    Here are the guidelines for dropping off and picking up children from James S. Hogg Middle School.
    • Students crossing Broadway should cross at the light or through the tunnel.  We encourage students to use the tunnel.
    • Students should be picked up and dropped off on Dobbs Street.  Please make sure you complete your turn off. Broadway before dropping off students.  Do not use the parking lot to pick-up and drop-off students.
    • NEVER drop off or pick up students on Broadway
    • Students should avoid the steps closest to Broadway.
    • Students should not walk up or down the ramp.
    • Students who ride a bus should report to the bus stop located on Fannin Street.
    By improving the drop-off and pick-up process, traffic conditions become safer for all.