Mr. Fernando Rebollar

Phone: 903-952-4440


Degrees and Certifications:

Biology B.S. General science 4-8

Mr. Fernando Rebollar

8th grade science General, Pre-AP

A113--8th grade hall

I have been teaching for 7 years and have a background in Biology. I am an AVID alumni and help each student in deciding their goals for the future, be it college or a trade. I strive each year to become a better teacher to better serve your students. As a teacher my job is help your student find his or her talents to become a productive member of our community with the aid of your home teachings. Further info can be found below.

Schedule: (conference is free for parent meetings/contact)


1st block-Science Department Planning/Conference (9:15-9:50)                                                                  

2nd Block-Science PAP

3rd Block-Science PAP                                                                                            

4th Block-General Science


5th period-Science Department Planning/Conference (9:15-9:50)                                                                                    

6th period-Science PAP

7th period-General Science                                                                                        

8th period-General Science


Tuesdays-Morning (7:50-8:20) & Afternoon (3:45-4:20)

Thursday-Morning (7:50-8:20)


     John Tyler Class of 2007

     University of Texas, At tyler: Biology B.S. (2012)

          --alternative certification: General science 4-8th grade




     --phone: 903-262-2970