Ms. Susan Stubblefield

Phone: 903-262-2625 ext 3955


Degrees and Certifications:

Special Education All-level Regular Education EC thru 4th ESL Supplemental

Ms. Susan Stubblefield

This is my eleventh year teaching at Robert E. Lee.  My degree is in Special Education All-level, Regular Education EC thru 4, and ESL Supplemental. I worked in Content Mastery for two years and this is my ninth years in Life Skills.  As an educator I believe it is my responsibility to help every child to be successful.   Through my experiences, I learned that if a person applies themselves they can learn and even excel. I hope I can make a positive impact on my student’s lives.  I hope to be able to engage my student and open the door to a future filled with growth and development. I hope my students know they can count on me to be supportive, caring, and respectful. I have a great deal of respect for the teaching profession and believe through education we can make the world a better place.
Email address:
classroom number: 903-262-3955
conference period: 2nd
Life Skills A129

Period                      Time               Stubblefield

First                         8:15-9:02       Alg 1 FLS, Geom

Second                     9:07-9:53       Conference

Third                        9:59-10:48     ELA FLS

Fourth                      10:54-11:40   US HIST FLS, W GEOG FLS

Fifth                         11:46-12:32   VOC 1 training FLS

Sixth                        12:38-1:24     VOC 2 training FLS

Seventh                    1:30-2:16       PLC

Eighth                      2:22-3:08       BIOL FLS, IPC FLS