Jason Hesskew

Phone: 903-262-2625


Degrees and Certifications:

BA in History, Texas A&M Certifications: Social Studies 8-12, History 8-12

Jason Hesskew

AP US History
US History
AP European 

Flipped Classroom: I operate a "flipped" classroom - students are responsible for doing all posted readings at home, and classtime is usually spent in working on material to do with each unit.

US History On-Level - homework is almost entirely reading: Students MUST stay up with the posted readings from our Six Weeks Calendars in their online textbook, or the Mastering the TEKS book. Class site is on the left side of this page, and includes syllabus and other key information for the class. Units Pages are below that.

APUSH -  Please click on the "Advanced Placement" link to the left to enter our class site.

Email: jason.hesskew@tylerisd.org Class location: A144

I encourage all parents to monitor student grades by creating an account at the "GRADES" check above.
I will use your parent address in TEAMS to contact you for important events only.

Schedule: 2018-19 
1st - AP European
2nd - US History
3rd - PLC
4th - AP USH
5th - US History
6th - US History
7th - Conference
8th - AP US History

Tutorial Hours:  2018-19

Tuesday and Thursday - from 745 AM
M - Thur  - 4:05 - 4:30 PM