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    Rule #1- Follow directions quickly

    Rule #2- Raise your hand for permission to speak

    Rule#3- Raise your hand for permission to get out of your seat

    Rule#4- Make smart choices

    Rule #5- Make your teacher happy




    Class Calendar

    Fist semester

    1st Six Weeks

    Unit 1: LiteracyUnderstanding Begins with Fiction and Poetry

    Examine plot and describe characters, including their relationships and changes they undergo. Students explore poetry by describing and explaining how structural elements relate to the genre.


    2nd Six Weeks

    Unit 2: Literacy Nonfiction and Drama

    Students continue to examine autobiographies and biographies comparing and contrasting them with a fictional adaptation. Students explore the structural elements of drama as oral and written expression becomes more fluent, authentic, and focused.



    3rd Six Weeks

    Unit 3: Informational Text

    Students use their knowledge and features of expository text along with comprehension strategies and skills to summarize text and describe relationships among ideas organized by a variety of text structures.


    Second Semester

    4th Six Weeks

    Unit 4A: Research

    Summarize informational text by locating and using specific information utilizing relevant sources.

    Unit 4B: Connection Across Literal Texts

    Students use previously learned skills to examine similar ideas featuring to a specific genre.



    5th Six Weeks

    Unit 5: Connections Across text/Connections Across All Genres/ Writing STAAR

    Review any misconceptions



    6 Six Weeks

    Unit 6: Influencing an Audience/ Reading STAAR

    STAAR review 




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