Our History

  • The History Behind
    Caldwell Elementary Arts Academy
    • 1882   In August an election was passed to levy taxes in support of public schools.  The East Texas University Building on Bois d’Arc and Front Street was rented as the first public school in Tyler.  It housed all grades.
    • 1886   Bonds were sold and the building was purchased.
    • 1911   After a $50,000 bond issue was passed, construction began on Tyler High School.
    • 1912   Tyler High School opens its doors.  It was equipped with laboratories, shops, an auditorium, and a gymnasium.  Tuition for students outside the district was $3.00 per month.
    • 1924   A new junior high school was built on the north side of the property.  It contained a new gymnasium and freed up space in the basement of the high school for the first school cafeteria.
    • 1926   In September, Tyler Junior College officially opened, sharing the junior high building and high school campuses; TJC and Tyler High shared the library.
    • 1930   As a result of the East Texas Oil Boom, the enrollment increased by 30 percent.  Other junior high schools were built to help alleviate the overcrowding.
    • 1957   Robert E. Lee High School was built and Tyler High changed its name to John Tyler High School.
    • 1965   The final class graduated from the “Old Tyler High”.  In the fall, the brand new building for John Tyler opens across town.  Mr. D. K. Caldwell acquired the property.
    • 1967   In January, Caldwell Preschool # 1 was opened to the public.  Many children entered the doors encountering their first taste of school.  Mr. and Mrs. Caldwell could be seen often in the hallways of this model school.
    • 1998   After a 31-year tradition in Tyler, the Caldwell Preschool closed its doors in May.
    • 1999   The Caldwell Foundation generously gave the entire facility, including the gymnasium, auditorium, and athletic field to TISD.  Additionally, the foundation gave four million dollars to renovate the building and add classrooms for a new elementary fine arts campus.
    • 2001   In August, Caldwell Elementary Arts Academy opened its doors to former Gary Elementary students and 125 magnet students from area public and private schools in the Tyler Independent School District.
    • 2009   Mrs. Rebecca Clapp retired.  She will be missed as principal and will be remembered as a friend for years to come.  Mrs. Sherrill Echols was hired as principal.
    • 2011   Mrs. Echols retires and Forrest Kaiser is named Principal.  Caldwell celebrates its 10 year Homecoming Celebration on November 18, 2011.
    • 2014   Mr. Kaiser left Caldwell to be principal at the new Three Lakes Middle School scheduled to open 2015-16 school year.  Mrs. Tamara Colston was named Principal of Caldwell Elementary Arts Academy in July of 2014.
    • 2016 Mr.Markle was named Principal of Caldwell Elementary Arts Academy.