• Spanish Immersion

    Spanish Language Immersion  is a  technique used  in  bilingual  education  for  English  speaking  students  seeking  to  acquire a   second language.

    At Birdwell, the Spanish language is used  purposefully for  instruction in specific content areas as well as to develop the oral  and written  Spanish language.

    It is grounded in language acquisition  research in which children who are constantly immersed into Spanish from an early age can easily acquire the ability to listen, speak, read, write and think in Spanish. 

    A typical Immersion classroom would have 1/2 native Spanish-speaking students and 1/2 native English-speaking students.  


    • Dual Language

     In our Dual Language program, students whose native language is Spanish, utilize Spanish in the learning environment to facilitate the learning of the knowledge and skills across  all subject areas. 

    Goals of the Dual Language program:

    • High linguistic proficiency in two languages
    • High academic proficiency in two languages
    • Positive cross-cultural attitudes:  biculturalism


    •  Language, Literacy & Learning

    Language skills  are tightly connected to learning literacy.  Strong  language  skills produce proficient readers and  writers. We strive daily  to  instill in our  students  the ability to talk in complete sentences, increase vocabulary,  understand  grammatical structures, increase academic content based language, and speak fluently an with clarity.

    Literacy skills involve listening, speaking, reading, writing, and thinking.  To produce fluent readers and writers we include systematic, and explicit instruction in phonological awareness, phonics, vocabulary, reading fluency, comprehension, grammar and writing.  Learning skills include critical and creative thinking, communicating and collaborating.


    Advantages of Spanish Immersion & Dual Language Model:

    • High academic and linguistic proficiency in two languages
    • Embedded gifted and talented instruction
    • Stronger long-term achievement in middle and high school
    • Multi-cultural, rigorous school learning environment


    We are a community school focused on helping all kids from every background succeed to become life-long learners.