• At Birdwell, we are committed to creating an exceptional learning environment where all children are successful learners striving to achieve their academic potential. As we make decisions about our students, our primary focus question is: "Is it good for kids?" Keeping this in mind, we are constantly searching for the best and most effective teaching methods and experiences for your child.

    We encourage you to visit the campus and see our 'Dual Language' students in action practicing their second language (English or Spanish). You could also relax and enjoy one of our Reading literacy lessons or perhaps, join a class for some hands-on Math or Science lessons. You could even come play in our Music Keyboard Lab or be creative in the Art room. Come for a visit to see our future leaders - your children!

    Let us know how we can share information, provide resources and support you in any way as you parent your child. We are here to team with you to create that learning, achieving environment (at school and home) to prepare your child for their future educational endeavors. Thank you for your support and assistance. You are the best!