Mrs. Denyse Kumbuka

Phone: ext4522


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor in Sciences Certification in 6-12 French

Mrs. Denyse Kumbuka

Chemistry, French1, 2, Pre-AP

Classroom D7


Dear student and parents/guardians,

Welcome to chemistry/ French class! Bienvenue au cours de Chimie/ francais

I am very excited for the new school year and am glad we will be spending the next school year learning chemistry or French together. This is my fifth year teaching French at John Tyler High School and my first year teaching chemistry.  I have a B.S.degre in Chemistry from the Universite Libre de Bruxelles (Belgium). I am a certified French teacher.

In Chemistry classes , students will explore the fundamental concepts and skills needed for an in-depth understanding of chemistry. The topics that we will study this year are broken down by term  and are based on the State Standards for Chemistry (TEKS).

Unit 01: Laboratory Management  C.1A, C.1B, C.1C, C.2F, C.2G, C.2I

Unit 02: Matter  C.1C, C.2E, C.2I, C.4A, C.4B, C.4C, C.4D

Unit 03: Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table C.2A, C.2B, C.2C, C.2D, C.2E, C.2H, C.2I, C.3ADF, C.5A, C.5B, C.5C, C.6ABC

Unit 04: Chemical Bonding : C.1A, C.1B, C.1C, C.2EFHI, C.3F, C.5C, C.6D, C.7C, C.7D, C.7E

Unit 05: Chemical Formulas  C.2D, C.2E, C.2F, C.2H, C.2I, C.7A, C.7B 2

Unit 06: Mole Concept Part 1 8AB Part II 8CD  C.2E, C.2F, C.2G, C.2I, C.3F, C.8A, C.8B, C.8C, C.8D

Unit 07: Chemical Equations and Reactions C.2D, C.2E, C.2I, C.3F, C.8E, C.8F 3 

Unit 08: Stoichiometry  C.2E, C.2F, C.2G, C.2H, C.2I, C.8G, C.8H

Unit 9: Gases C.1A, C.2D, C.2E, C.2F, C.2G, C.2H, C.2I, C.3F, C.9A, C.9B 

Unit 10: Solutions : C.2E, C.2G, C.2H, C.2I, C.10A, C.10B, C.10C, C.10D, C.10E, C.10F, C.8F

Unit 11: Acids, Bases, and Reactions Part 2  C.2E, C.2G, C.2I, C.3F, C.10G, C.10H 

Unit 12: Thermochemistry C.2E, C.2F, C.2I, C.11A, C.11B, C.11C, C.11D

Unit 13: Nuclear Chemistry 

French classes are organized around six thematic units. Each unit has oral and written test and projects, and quizzes.  In addition, the students will have a number of tasks to perform on computer, which will count as in-class grade.

This class will be conducted primarily in French and taught with high expectations.



              Class Expectations:

      1. Students must be respectful at all times.

      2. Students will be responsible for their learning .

      3. The class will be dismissed by the teacher after the following has occured:

            - Books and notebook are in the cabinet- Materials/ class assignments are put away.