Mr. Ronald E. Daniels, Sr.

Phone: 903-262-2397


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Masters in Education Administration Business Teachers Certification 8-12

Mr. Ronald E. Daniels, Sr.

TUTORIALS                       MONDAY-FRIDAY            7:45-8:10

1ST PERIOD                     ENTREPRENEURSHIP        8:15-9:01

2ND PERIOD                         CAREER PREP I/II       9:06-9:56

3RD PERIOD                     ENTREPRENEURSHIP       10:01-10:46

4TH PERIOD                                    LUNCH              10:52-11:38

5TH PERIOD                     ENTREPRENEURSHIP       11:43-12:28

6TH PERIOD                         CAREER PREP I/II       12:33-1:19

7th PERIOD                               PRINC of BMF         1:24-2:10

8TH PERIOD                             CONFERENCE           2:15-3:05

9TH PERIOD                            SUPERVISORY           3:10-4:00

"With knowledge there are no limits to what you can achieve"