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  • Chromebook Tips:

    • Login:  TISD email and PW; Birdwell Private Internet Connection
    • Assign the same chromebook to the same student each time for easier login. 
    • Ctrl +Alt + ?  for keyboard shortcuts.
    • Use the waffle to find and add frequently used Apps.
    • Drive is the place to create, organize, share, and store.
    • Storage is in the Cloud and can be accessed from any device.   
    • Share docs, slides, folders with others by clicking Share and entering an email.  Remember to assign appropriate rights.
    • No need to save.  It’s automatic
    • Sign out, or the next Chromebook user will be logged in to YOUR account.


    Collaborative learning with Google Docs:  Students will "Share" with the teacher or peer(s).

    • spelling tests 
    • quizzes
    • quick check for understanding
    • peer editing in ELA
    • small group discussion     


    Test your knowledge of Google Apps with pre-tests, practice, and post-tests.  A great tool for self evaluation.

    Google Apps Practice


  • Contact Mrs. Hartless to reserve the Chromebook cart for your classroom.