Reaching Individual Student Excellence (RISE) Academy

  • The RISE Academy is a dropout prevention and dropout recovery program for at-risk high school students in the Tyler Independent School District. The major goal of RISE is to improve the academic, occupational, and personal skills of potential high school dropouts to a degree that will permit them to stay in school and graduate with skills for employment and/or post-secondary education.

    Students work at their own pace; there are no failures. A student is given the opportunity to repeat assignments until a passing grade is accomplished. Class work consists of reading the textbooks and completing written assignments with enhancement using Odyssey software on our networked computer system. Odyssey Credit Recovery is also offered. Students who complete graduation requirements at RISE Academy will participate in commencement on their home campus. Bus transportation is now provided.

    Program Eligibility


    • Must be 15-21 years of age
    • Must be currently enrolled at John Tyler or Robert E. Lee High School

    Meet at least one of the following:

    • be a fifth year senior
    • be in jeopardy of not graduating with senior class
    • be more than two years over age for classification
    • have failed two or more subjects 
    • have dropped out of school for over a semester 
    • be a pregnant or parenting teen 
    • have been retained one or more times

    Admission Process
    See your campus counselor for an application. Return completed application to your counselor.


Physical Address:
2800 W. Shaw
Tyler, TX 75701

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