Need Bus Transportation?

  • Students who wish to ride the bus on the first day of school must be registered by 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, August 13
    ALL transportation requests must be made via Online Registration.

    Students who register after this deadline will not be permitted to ride the bus the first week of school, but will be eligible starting Monday, August 26. Parents must provide transportation until such time as the student is assigned to a bus route.

    Bus Request Denial Appeal: If you received a denial for bus services & would like to restate your case for an exception, please e-mail John Bagert, Director of Transportation, stating the specific reasons why you feel an exception should be granted. Those approved for an exception will not be provided transportation until after the first week of school.

    ***Please do not call the Transportation Department as we are experiencing heavy call volumes & will not be able to consider exceptions via the telephone.

Department Overview

  • The mission of the Transportation Department is to provide safe, reliable and quality service in a caring environment for students, staff, and community through a well-trained, professional and positive staff that exceeds customers’ needs in the most cost effective manner.

    Tyler ISD provides bus transportation for eligible students. This video highlights proper bus conduct for our students. En Español

Bus Transportation Request

  • You can request bus transportation as a part of student online registration. More information about online registration can be found at


  • When dialing a number that includes an extension below, you must first dial 903.262.1000 & then the extension or you will not reach someone within Tyler ISD. You cannot dial 903.262.xxxx (whatever the extension is) directly. 


Director of Transportation
Shop Coordinator
Team Leader/Special Ed.
903.262.1000 x 5143
Bilingual Clerk
Bilingual Clerk
903.262.1000 x 4520
Team Leader Routing
903.262.1000 x 5163
Team Leader Routing
Specialist - Training
Routing Coordinator
Administrative Assistant
903.262.1000 x 1225
Payroll & Employee Records
Specialist/Student Management
903.262.1000 x 5160
Team Leader/Routing
903.262.1000 x 5159
Team Leader/Dispatch
903.262.1000 x 5165
Team Leader/Dispatch
903.262.1000 x 5162
Specialist/Trip Scheduling
903.262.1000 x 5161