Department Overview

  • The mission of the Transportation Department is to provide safe, reliable and quality service in a caring environment for students, staff, and community through a well-trained, professional and positive staff that exceeds customers’ needs in the most cost effective manner.

    Tyler ISD provides bus transportation for eligible students. This video highlights proper bus conduct for our students. En Español

Here Comes the Bus

  • Here Comes the Bus Logo Here Comes the Bus & Student Ridership

    Parents of Tyler ISD bus riders can:

    • View the real-time location of your child's bus
    • Know when & where your child boards & exits the bus
    • Access the app from your smartphone, tablet or computer
    • Receive push notifications and/or email alerts

    Video Tutorials:
    How to create your account & use the app on a computer.
    How to create your account & use the app on a mobile device. 

    Click here to learn how to get started!      Sign Up Now - Tyler ISD code is 86056.

Bus Transportation Request

  • You can request bus transportation as a part of student online registration. More information about online registration can be found at


  • When dialing a number that includes an extension below, you must first dial 903.262.1000 & then the extension or you will not reach someone within Tyler ISD. You cannot dial 903.262.xxxx (whatever the extension is) directly. 


Director of Transportation
Shop Coordinator
Team Leader/Special Ed.
903.262.1000 x 5143
Bilingual Clerk
Team Leader Routing
903.262.1000 x 5163
Bilingual Clerk
Specialist/Trip Scheduling
Routing Coordinator
Administrative Assistant
903.262.1000 x 1225
Payroll & Employee Records
Specialist/Student Management
903.262.1000 x 5160
Team Leader/Dispatch
903.262.1000 x 5164
Team Leader/Routing
903.262.1000 x 5159
Team Leader/Dispatch
903.262.1000 x 5165
Specialist Training
903.262.1000 x 5162
Team Leader Routing
903.262.1000 x 5161