Flyer Distribution Process

  • peachjar COMING IN SEPTEMBER! The Tyler ISD Flyer Distribution Process is moving online through Peachjar! Paper flyers from outside organizations will no longer be distributed on Tyler ISD campuses. Using Peachjar, organizations will upload their flyer and select the specific campuses they want the flyer to go to. After District approval, the flyer will then email to parents at the selected campuses and will also post to the campus website. It’s that easy! Stay tuned for more information on this exciting new process!

    Tyler ISD authorizes its schools to distribute or display communications of school-related* or outside organizations** that promote youth programs, activities or events that aim to improve the health, education or welfare of students. Promotional materials may take the form of notices, announcements, brochures and flyers.

    It is not the practice of Tyler ISD to advertise any for-profit business or activity to staff, students or families.

    *School-related organizations may include parent groups, booster clubs, school employee organizations and other organizations and clubs affiliated with the District and its schools.

    **Outside organizations mean any non-profit or tax-exempt organization other than school-related organizations.

    Tyler ISD will not approve non-school materials for distribution the first two weeks of each school semester or the last week of each semester.

    All non-school materials must prominently display the following disclaimer: “This non-school activity/publication is not sponsored or endorsed by the Tyler Independent School District.” 

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