Department Overview

  • The mission of Student Intervention Services is to support campus Student Success Teams in ensuring academic and behavioral success for all students.

    The Tyler ISD Student Intervention Services supports the Teaching for Robust Understanding (TRU) precept of Equitable Access to Content through classroom activity structures that invite and support the active engagement of all of the students with core disciplinary content being addressed.  All students are involved in meaningful ways.

    How do we know our support is making a difference?
    • Students at risk of experiencing academic or behavioral difficulty are identified and provided with appropriate evidence-based interventions or accommodations.
    • Effectiveness of, or student’s response to, the interventions and accommodations is monitored and documented.
    • Documentation demonstrates that Student Success Teams respond to students’ progress by adjusting the interventions and accommodations to more effectively meet the students’ specific needs.
    • Students are more successful—behaviorally and academically—as evidenced by formative and summative assessment data.


  • Teaching for Robust Understanding (TRU) Framework

    The Tyler ISD Academic Intervention Department follows the Teaching for Robust understanding or TRU framework where we facilitate environments in which all students are supported in becoming knowledgeable, flexible, and resourceful disciplinary thinkers. 

    We measure the quality of our learning environments by determining the extent to which they provide opportunities for students along the following five dimensions:
    (1) The richness of disciplinary concepts and practices (“the content”) available for learning;
    (2) Student sense-making and “productive struggle”;
    (3) Meaningful and equitable access to concepts and practices for all students;
    (4) Means for constructing positive disciplinary identities through presenting, discussing and refining ideas; and
    (5) The responsiveness of the environment to student thinking.

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Coordinator of Student Intervention Services
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