• Professional Development Grants:

    Professional Development Grants are provided as a service to Tyler ISD faculty and staff. The grant application process is as follows:

    • As applications are received, the Tyler ISD Executive Director of Teaching and Learning will review each application and determine if the request is aligned with the district’s goals and curriculum.
    • Once the application request is reviewed, it will be presented to a committee of Tyler ISD Foundation directors for further review.
    • Applications will be awarded based on merit and funds available.

    Travel Costs:  Please note, the Tyler ISD Foundation does not provide funds to cover the cost of travel, meals or lodging.  The TISD Foundation will provide funds to cover fees for conference registration or professional development dues.  In order for a Professional Development Grant request which includes travel to be approved:  (1) proof must be provided that the district will cover any travel expenses associated with the development opportunity, and (2) TISD guidelines regarding in state and out of state travel must be followed.

    Online Training:  Requests for online training opportunities will be considered.  Approved applicants for online training must provide verification of completion.  If grant application is approved for online training, and online training is not completed, the recipient must return all granted funds to the Tyler ISD Foundation. 

    If employee leaves the district prior to completion of professional development opportunity, then granted funds must be returned to the Tyler ISD Foundation.  Granted funds are non-transferrable.

    Grant Award:  up to $500

    Application Deadline:  Monday, April 6th

    Applicant Eligibility:  Applicants must be a Tyler ISD employee and serve the district in a professional capacity that involves the direct instruction of students (e.g. teacher, librarian, counselor, special education instructor).

    Grant Application: 

    2019-2020 Professional Development Grant Application (Word Version)