• Grade Reporting Schedule: 

    Progress Reports: 

      Progress 1: 9/10/2019

      Progress 2: 10/22/2019

      Progress 3: 12/9/2019

      Progress 4: 1/28/2020

      Progress 5: 3/17/2020

      Progress 6: 4/28/2019

    Report Card

      Report Card 1: 10/4/2019 

      Report Card 2: 11/8/2019

      Report Card 3: 1/10/2020

      Report Card 4: 2/21/2020

      Report Card 5: 4/9/2020

      Report Card 6: 5/22/2020

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  • Remind 101:


    Text @93fcgd to 81010 


    Text @ekecf6d to 81010

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  • Grade Information:

    Grading: The district grading policy for grades 6-8 is as follows:

    Homework/Daily Grades will be 60% and Assessments will be 40% of the student’s grade.


    Make-Up Work: Make-up work is the responsibility of the student. If a student is absent, it is her/his responsibility to check with me for information regarding the work the individual missed. Work should be completed in a timely manner. If the student sees me everyday the student will be allowed three calendar days for each absence to make up missed class work or assignments. If the student sees me every other day they have five calendar days to make up any missed assignments. 


    Retake Policy:

    A student may request a retake for a failing daily grade or test if:

    The assignment was turned in on time. No late work.

    70% of the original assignment was attempted.

    The student will receive at most a 70 on the assignment or test.

    The student has 4 days from the day he/she was informed of their grade to come into tutorials (before school, after school, or during lunch) and redo the assignment.

    *Students will NOT be allowed to retake disctrict SCA's and Benchmarks cannot be.*


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  • Conference Time: 12:50PM-1:35PM

    Please call 903-262-2970 to schedule an appointment. I will be happy to speak with you during this time. You may also email me at samantha.ward@tylerisd.org.



    Tuesday afternoon- 3:45-4:15

    Thursday morning- 7:50-8:21

    *Additional times can be arranged if needed.

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  • This year we are on Block Schedule meaning students will have A days and B days. 

    My Schedule is as Follows: 

    A Day

    1st - On-Level RAL

    2nd - Pre-AP RLA

    Lunch 11:34-12:04

    3rd - PLC/Conference

    4th - On-Level RLA. 

    B Day

    5th - On-level RLA

    6h - Pre-AP RLA

    Lunch 11:34-12:04

    7th - PLC/Conference

    8th - On-Level RLA

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