Approved Bond Phases

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    Phase 1 & 2 of the John Tyler and Robert E. Lee high school projects were designed, put out for bid, awarded, approved and completed during the time that the architects and engineers were finishing the design documents of the actual building project. This process allows for completion of tasks that are not building specific (like site demolition, earthwork & utilities). This is an opportunity, graciously provided by the Board, to get a head start on the projects and complete items that allow the construction of the building itself to occur immediately once the contract documents are in place and the all of the administrative items have been accomplished up front.

    Board approved Phase 3 at John Tyler includes the following:

    • Finalized contract with the construction manager at risk, WRL General Contractors.
    • WRL has released subcontract documents out to the awarded subcontractors and suppliers for each of the 68+ work categories.
    • Finalized insurance coverages and updated the performance and payment bonding for WRL.
    • Received the building permit.
    • Implemented storm water pollution prevention items on site.
    • WRL and subcontractors are working on submittals. Submittals are to confirm specific items involved in the project and to gain approval from the architect and engineers that the design intent is being met.
      1. Product data submittals are in progress. For example: concrete mix designs.
      2. Shop Drawing submittals are in progress. For example: rebar detail shop drawings for fabrication of rebar in the foundations and anchor bolt layout drawings for the structural steel framing.
    • Upon approval of submittals, rebar will be released for fabrication and will be delivered to the site.
    • Concrete subcontractor will be mobilizing to the project site to begin drilling concrete piers for the new 2 story academic building and the auxiliary gym.
    • Electrical and plumbing subcontractors will begin mobilizing to the project site to complete all of the underground piping that will be installed under the foundations.

Bond 2017 Updates

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    Robert E. Lee High School


    Approved Design Video:


    Approved Design Video: