• What is Accountability?
    Accountability refers to the compliance of public schools with the performance requirements that are set by the state and federal education agencies. Every public school is evaluated based on their performance and labelled as having met or not met the standard based on the state and federal mandates.

    The Texas Education Agency (TEA) currently evaluates campuses primarily based on the students overall performance on the STAAR test, their improvement from one year to the next, their improvement relative to their peers, and their readiness for college. Based on these factors, TEA recently released the school report cards for each of the campuses in Tyler ISD as well as for the district and can be found here.

    Twenty-three of our current 25 campuses met the state standard for accountability in 2017. This reflects an improvement over the 2015-2016 school year (22 campuses met standard) as well as a trend of continued improvement for Tyler ISD. Over each of the last four years, Tyler ISD has seen an increase in the number of TISD campuses that met the state standard.

    Beginning in 2018-19, TEA will evaluate campuses and districts on several growth and performance measures related to STAAR and TELPAS testing as well college, career, and military readiness and graduation rates for high schools and districts. Within this system, TEA has aligned state and federal expectations to provide campuses a clearer set of aligned expectations on an annual basis. Additional information about the new accountability system can be found here. The accountability manual, which outlines the rules and targets for the new system, can be found here.