• Teaching and Learning  Mentoring


    All beginning teachers will participate in a quality multi-faceted mentor program. 


    The purpose of the Mentoring Program is to orient the novice teacher to the educational environment and share the vision of the profession by modeling and encouraging best practice through collaboration, collegiality and participation in a continuous learning community.


    To promote a collaborative community that values learning-focused relationships which support, challenges and facilitates a professional vision where retention is promoted, integration is purposeful and growth is continual and on-going for beginning teachers so that mentoring connects, supports, and works in concert with other district initiatives to improve student achievement.


    • Model of 21st century mentoring practices that make a critical difference in teacher effectiveness and student achievement
    • Create a positive beginning classroom teaching experience for beginning teachers
    • Make a significant emotional and intellectual difference in the new teacher experience
    • Predict and respond to the needs of novices with strategies for success
    • Retain commitment to the teaching profession


    Mentors will be experienced educators, working one-on-one with beginning teachers for at least one year on a consistent basis, whose goal is to maximize a teacher’s potential.

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Facilitator of Professional Learning
Facilitator of Professional Learning
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Executive Director of Teaching and Learning
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