Mrs. Chasity Alexander

Phone: 903-262-2970


Degrees and Certifications:

4-8 ELAR Interdisciplinary Studies ESL Certification

Mrs. Chasity Alexander


My name is Mrs. Alexander this is my 8th year of teaching. I teach English Langague Arts for 7th grade. In 2012 I gradudated from Stephen F. Austin with a Bachelors Degree in Interdisiplinary Studies. My room number is A208 and I am located upstairs. My tutorial times are Tuesday before school 7:50 AM- 8:20 AM, Tuesday after school from 3:50 PM -4:20 PM, and Thursday 7:50 AM- 8:20 AM.                  


I am excited to have your child in my class. I am looking forward to a wonderful year. The students will be focusing on writing, grammar and reading literary texts this year.

Conference Time: 12:50-1:35

Please call 952-4400 to schedule an appointment. I will be happy to speak with you during this time. You may also email me at


Tuesday morning- 7:50-8:21

Tuesday afternoon- 3:45-4:15

Thursday morning- 7:50-8:21

*Additional times can be arranged if needed.

Grading: The district grading policy for grades 6-8 is as follows:

Homework/Daily Grades will be 60% and Assessments will be 40% of the student’s grade.

Late Work:

Daily assignments may be turned in one day late but will only receive a 70 and must be completed in full. I encourage all students to not make a habit of turning work in late. It is my observation that most MS students fail a course not from poor grades but rather from not completing the assignment at all and receiving zeros.

**Due to the high standards and expectations of PreAP courses, I do not give extra credit or drop the lowest grade for PreAP.

Make-Up Work: Make-up work is the responsibility of the student. If a student is absent, it is her/his responsibility to check with me for information regarding the work the individual missed. Work should be completed in a timely manner consistent with the number of days absent.

Retake Policy: A student may request a retake for a failing daily grade or test if:

  1. The assignment was turned in on time. No late work.

b.70% of the original assignment was attempted.

The student will receive at most a 70 on the assignment or test.

The student has 4 days from the day he/she was informed of their grade to come into tutorials (before school, after school, or during lunch) and redo the assignment.

Daily Items Needed:

Folder with pockets and brads (color will be determined by class period)

2 Composition Books

Blue or Black ink pens/ Red pen for grading

#2 Pencils


Wide-ruled notebook paper



A day: 

1st period- 8:25-9:55

2nd period- 9:59-11:30

3rd period- off 

7th grade lunch: 12:20-12:50 

Gator Time: 1:39-2:10

4th period- 2:14-3:45

B day:

5th period- 8:25-9:55

6th period- 9:59-11:30

7th period- off 

7th grade lunch: 12:20-12:50 

Gator Time: 1:39-2:10

8th period- 2:14-3:45