The issue of school attendance plays an important role in ensuring that your child receives a quality education during the school year. There is a documented link between absenteeism and declining achievement. Children who do not attend school regularly rarely achieve their full potential. Missed instruction and the challenges students face as they attempt to complete missed work are important factors that impact student performance.


    Excessive absenteeism is defined as anything greater than 10% of the school year to date. Should this 10% threshold be met, intervention by student services will be initiated. 

    Regular attendance is not a problem for a majority of our students; however, there are small steps that all parents can take to monitor and limit absences thereby enhancing their child’s academic success.

    • Strive to make appointments (doctors, dentists, etc.) during after-school hours.
    • If you are ill and cannot transport your student, please contact the school for assistance.
    • When planning an activity that will require absence from school, weigh the educational value against lost instructional time.
    • Plan for some unstructured time to occur each weekend. Free time goes a long way in rejuvenating young minds and bodies.
    • Keep your student healthy by keeping simple hygiene practices a priority (washing hands, not sharing food and drinks, etc)

    We are striving to make Bonner the best school for our students. Their attendance is a critical factor for their success. By signing below, you acknowledge your students absences and will pledge to support your child’s effort to attend school for the remainder of the year. We appreciate your effort and please contact the school if you have any questions.

    We ask that each parent works with the school in supporting their child’s attendance and understands that student services and/or Bonner administration may seek intervention for my child’s absenteeism if not resolved.